This is the company backbone and includes nine business formats.

supernac01Supermercados Nacional
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  • Supermercados Nacional

This is our initial brand present in the Dominican market for over 70 years. It began as the Colmado Nacional in the Colonial area in 1935, founded by Manuel González Cuesta as a small food and general provision store. Today it is the leading supermarket chain in the Dominican market, with 14 stores throughout the country.

Improving the quality of life of Dominican families, it is its principal brand promise and part of its vision for the future. It is a recognized, family-oriented, reliable brand, with expertise in food handling and a long tradition of service.

It offers our customers a wide range of food products and a clear quality assurance commitment.

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Founded in 2002, it seeks to satisfy consumers with a vast range of products catering to a broad segment of the market. It offers consumers a mix of quality, price, service and variety in a single place. As a hypermarket, it combines food, textiles, housewares, appliances, household hardware, toys, a bookstore and convenience foods.

Jumbo has achieved rapid growth and currently has six stores in operation. Its customers value the quality of the products, find competitive prices and relate to the lifestyle that this brand represents. Jumbo the greatest!

retail03Jumbo Express

As a business concept, Jumbo Express was created with a well-defined social objective of becoming a neighborhood supermarket, always close to consumers, solidary, with good prices and quality products, thus turning into the main shopping option for the residents of the communities where this format exists. It offers a range of basic supermarket, housewares and hardware products. These stores currently total 6.


Casa retail04Cuesta
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This format specializes in home accessories. It is seen as an essential part of the lifestyle of our customers. This brand has made a strong difference due to its innovative, avant-garde trends and for setting the standard for the concept of household stores.

retail05Ferretería Cuesta

This is one of our premier brands. It became an authority in introducing items designed to provide household hardware solutions.

This brand has developed a commitment to its customers by offering free workshops to teach them how to carry out household chores such as painting, plumbing, and electronics, thus creating a special bond with its customers.

Values such as closeness to Dominican families have made the hardware store one of the most widely recognized brands in its category.

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Jugueton is the largest and most complete toy store in the Dominican Republic. This franchise has more than 30 stores throughout Latin America.

Jugueton has a selection of over 10,000 items, with the best and most widely recognized brands to choose from.

Juguetón is designed and conceived for children because “Every child is Juguetón [a pun, juguetón meaning playful in Spanish]!


13LibreriaCuesta Libros
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Since it was founded on 30 April 1992, Cuesta Libros has become a crossroad for culture and the national and international literary world, in addition to being the most complete book store in the entire Caribbean. Cuesta Libros has more than 20,000 titles published by more than seventy publishing houses.

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This is a chain specializing in the care of babies from 0 to 2 years of age. It has a highly motivated, talented and dedicated team that genuinely cares about infants. At Bebemundo you will find a selection that meets all of your baby’s needs, in addition to the services of experts who will guide you from pregnancy through the first years of your baby’s life.

How wonderful to be a baby!

retail09La Bodega
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La Bodega de Manuel González Cuesta Wine Shop opened its doors to the public on 29 April 1999, creating another line of business for the group. It arose from the Company’s need to provide its customers with specialized service in the area of beverages with retail possibilities.

La Bodega has an extensive portfolio of alcoholic beverages, which include wines from the major regions of the world, to distilled beverages and liquors, as well as fine candies, gourmet products and drink accessories. It currently offers the following services: regular wine tasting events, wedding and event planning, wine courses, specialized gifts, while also hosting institutional events.